Wednesday, 26 April 2017


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Korang biasa tak dengar tentang ANKLE BOOTS? Mesti biasa kan... Sekali sekala teringin juga nak bergaya dengan ANKLE BOOTS ni.. Baru-baru ni kita jenguk-jenguklah , saja-saja nak shopping mata..hehehe... Rupa-rupanya, banyak juga design ANKLE BOOTS ni ek...

So, entry kali ni kita nak share sikit dengan korang semua.. " 3 ANKLE BOOTS PERFECT TO SHOW OFF" !!! Manalah tahu kalau boleh jadi bahan rujukan korang semua. Entry ni kami copy paste je tau... Jemputlah baca yerk... Sambil-sambil tu boleh terus shopping & jamu mata di


Ankle boots are often ignored in the Malaysian fashion scene but it definitely is stylish to flaunt with your clothing. It does not necessarily mean you cannot wear it with your own personal style. Who says you cannot wear boots in a hot weather climate like Malaysia? If you want to wear ankle boots and have no ideas which ANKLE BOOTS DESIGN  are perfect to match with your outfits, take a look at the choices below.


The classic black boots are a must-have to own in your shoe collection. Why? It can be easily matched with anything you have on. The best way to show off black ankle boots is to match it with denim shorts, skinny jeans or even a nice pencil skirt. It adds that element if sophistication and ruggedness into the whole look effortlessly.


Are you a fan of Taylor Swift? If you are, you will probably remember that it her early years of her career, she always loves to don the western ankle boots with her dresses. Western bots definitely bring out the adorable cute side of you when paired with a nice summer dress or flare skirts. Girly girl can absolutely pull their innocence with this one.


For the ladies who that extra height to achieve a more feminine appearance, wedge booties are a win. Simply match it with anything you have on and you are set to go. Show it off everywhere you go and be confident! It is definitely the perfect switch from high heels. You still can maintain that height and still rock the edgy boots without ever feeling insecure.

So, what is your best ankle boots design? Share it in the comment section below.

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